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Welcome to Simon Metals

Welcome to Simon Metals, LLC, formerly known as Joseph Simon and Sons. We have been a leader in scrap metal recycling for almost 100 years in the Northwest Region. Our long history has gained us a strong reputation and respect from our clients and within our community. 

At Simon Metals, we strive to meet the needs of both suppliers and consumers by providing excellent service, expert knowledge, and innovative approaches to scrap processing all in an environmentally conscious manner. We are pleased to collect scrap metal from many of our clients including the new properties introduced to us by https://www.pointgreynow.com/, and the excess/used supplies of PerfectBath.com.

We are open to the public and encourage you to bring any of your metal scrap and materials. We offer competitive pricing for recycling of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Just this year, we were able to receive lots of metal scraps.

MON - FRI: 8 AM - 4:15 PM
SAT: 8 AM - 11:45 AM

For a material list of acceptable metals Click Here.
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